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Make a contact with Kontext,  Team start to form September 2007, since then we spent 25 344 hours of effective work in conversation with candidates and employers, we answered over 158 400 e-mails and the same number of telephone calls … many of them after working hours …, countless messages on Instagram and Facebook, we printed more than 220 000 pages of paper with which filled out 450 folders with applications, biographies, visa applications, contracts, and resolutions.

We deliver excellent services and we take care of the reliability therefore we aim to success and the mutual satisfaction of both employers and employees. We want to help as many candidates as possible in the search for a new job. Our clients are our recommendation and we can say loudly: we KNOW what we DO.

Therefore, please keep in contact with Kontext and we look forward to welcoming you every working day at our offices. There is where you will receive an honest answer to all your questions related to any of the programs we work on successfully.

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